Attractions and Excursion Destinations in the Province of Salzburg

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Make your summer holiday extra special and visit one of the many great attractions in Salzburg. The city and province of Salzburg enchant with nature, culture and family attractions.

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Top Excursion Destinations in the City & Province of Salzburg

Jägersee Lake in Kleinarl

Jägersee Lake in Kleinarl

Take a leisurely hike in the summer, a small bicycle tour, cross-country ski in the winter or take the bus to the Jägersee Lake in Kleinarl! The Gasthof Jägersee is open year round, and serves you regional delicacies, such as venison and other hearty treats. The Jägersee Lake is located in the Salzburg Sports World and is, especially in summer, a well-known starting point for a hike along the Tappenkarsee Lake. Also popular are the horse-drawn sleigh rides.

Liechtenstein Gorge

Liechtenstein Gorge © Atelier Oczlon

The Liechtenstein Gorge is the perfect excursion destination for the whole family. Discover one of the longest and deepest gorges in the Alps by walking on a hiking trail above the rapid water, watching the fascinating spectacle of nature and experiencing the legendary atmosphere first hand.

Ice Caves in Werfen

© Ice Caves Werfen

In summer you can visit the fascinating and largest ice cave in the world. Discover the fascinating ice sculptures that have developed in the cave over many years. The trails lead through the whole cave, so you can get a good view of this world of ice. Recommended are solid shoes and warm clothes.

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Natural History Museum in the City of Salzburg

© Natural History Museum in Salzburg



An instructive trip to the Museum of Natural History... Learn all about the human race, animals such as dinosaurs, the earth's history, habitats, space and much more. An impressive aquarium and a reptile zoo are waiting for you!

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Salt Mines in Hallein

Salt Mines Hallein

In the footsteps of the Celts...The Celts exploited the "white gold" already 2,500 years ago and left impressive traces. The mine carries for several kilometers into the mystic mountain. You go with a small train into its interior, where slides that bring you from A to B provide for fun and action. Before the salt mines is a Celtic village, where you can learn more about life in the past.

Mozart's Birthplace & Mozart's Residence

Mozart's Birthplace

Visit Mozart's Birthplace and Mozart's Residence in the old town of Salzburg and learn more about the world-famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born in Salzburg and grew up there as well. In both houses are now interesting exhibits, of which you can take a tour.

Hohenwerfen Castle with a Medieval Programme

Hohenwerfen Castle © Wikipedia

Learn more about life in a castle in the Middle Ages ... There is also an impressive falcon show at the castle! Take a fascinating guided tour through the rooms of the castle and learn all about life here in the past!